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Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Call To Action...

I have a mission for you. No seriously, I do.

I was going to write a big fluffy piece on my shoe scores today (dammit Hotfessional - you basically twisted my arm on your DSW post and... lemme shut up) but that post (and pics) will have to wait til tomorrow.

OK - listen up. Meowmix, MB, Bec, Reese, Michelle, Kat, Erin, Dayngr, Prep (even tho she's on vaca), Lesli, Amber, KimmyK, Bren, and everyone else who reads this blog (there are too many to name - sorry!), all lurkers, friends, my mom, everyone. I need a favor.

I need you to go over to Hotfessional's blog and read her post today. This one. Right here. Click Here.

Then please go and read the posts she's referencing. If there is ANYTHING - and I mean ANYTHING you can do to help, that would be fabulous. Even if it's a post about the situation(s) or cause(es). Every little bit helps.

One thing about blogging is that blogging is a community. A community that is there for each other when the times are good, bad and eeh. A community that lifts each other up when life attempts to tear you apart. A escape from the craziness even to just read a post by a fellow blogger that will make you smile or act on something.

As I mentioned on Hot's site, I came home fully prepared to post the fluffy post and wallow in my doldrums from this week and lick my wounds. I was prepared to just be miserable, annoyed and pissy. Yet something happened. After reading all three of these posts, I can say that this week is a cakewalk compared to what I read. And truly, all the issues I'm pissed about are NOTHING compared to what these women face on the day to day - the situations they are in - the causes they are championing. And these women are FABULOUS people - just our kinda peeps - smart, funny, witty, entertaining (and KristaBella even hangs out with BACON - lucky duck!).

But seriously, I know I've been a somber sally for the past week, but no more. Instead I am looking forward to helping a fellow soul in their situation any way I can and, Sarcastic Mom - trust me when I say if you need someone to whip that landlord into line with a nasty-gram, I am TOTALLY your gal and I can assist in the media situation too. That's when you put the Law and the PR side together - win win, I say. Liz - don't stress, everything will work out. I'm sure of it!! KristaBella, as I said earlier, it's a good thing you are doing and I don't see why the community can't help you way surpass your goal! Every little bit counts!

Thank you for anything you can do. It's all about spreading the luck - and right now these ladies need a little luck o' the Irish cast their way.

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