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Monday, March 10, 2008

Obsessed With: Benefit Cosmetics...

When I was shopping at my favorite mall, The Cherry Hill Mall in New Jersey, I was craving the new Bobbi Brown Nudes collection. However, since I couldn't flag down a salesperson to help me that wasn't more interested in gossiping, I decided a coffee was in order. Reese was getting the full beauty treatment from a gal at Benefit and me being my nosy curious self, I had to peruse the display.

That's when I caught these two lovely things that have changed my beauty life.

Justine Case:

In here are the best products that one might need "Just In Case". Now, I had to giggle because of course it is named Justine (to quote one of our gals - our angel always saves our butts - in this case it was a beauty save) but the products in here are essential. It has Benetint for that "glow", California Kissin' lip gloss for a gleaming grin and minty fresh breath and Eyecon to get rid of my raccoon eyes from my lack of sleep. It also has their new "foundation faker" Some Kind-A Gorgeous and let me tell you - it is some kinda wonderful. Now I know I say I'm a Bare Escentuals gal but this has a little somethin' somethin' that might work in the humidity known as Orlando. My problem is I have alot of red/pink undertones in my skin that can only be corrected with a good yellow foundation. Anything with pink undertones makes it look funky.

Cupid's Bow:

I love the look of a full lip (while mine are slightly recovering from their case of chapped-itis from the cold arctic winds) and this set really helps me set it off. And add that with the California Kissin' - I'm ready to regain my title as the Kissin' Bandit.

I also picked up their SMOOOCH which has also assisted with my chapped-itis lips. Sometimes I think that works better than Blistex. When it comes to smoochable lips, I swear by both Smooch and Benefit's Lip Plump.

When you can, drop by the Benefit display at either Sephora or Macy*s. You won't be sorry.

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