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Monday, March 10, 2008

Disappointed. Aldos, How Could You?

I'd do a guilty of idiocy but since this is their first offense, I'll be nice..

I went shopping tonight at The Florida Mall, just pretty much to alleviate a bit of stress and to get some inspiration before I go shopping in my closet. I was dyin' to pick up the Ombre shoes that I gave myself a pass to get at Aldos.

I trot into the store and immediately I'm drawn like a moth to the flame to examine some butt oogly shoes all the while thinking "who in their right mind thought these were chic?!?!?" and then I saw my lovelies out of the corner of my eye. I made a beeline for them and started to fondle - all the while trying to appear not too interested. It's like buying a car - I don't want to make it easy for the salesperson. Only in extreme "gotta have it" emergencies will I pick up a shoe, bark "Size 9.5/10 (depending on the store) please" and then pay immediately. Not today - after having a few things on my mind, much like a game of cat and mouse, this gal was going to enjoy the whole shoe buying process.

So I picked up the brown ombre platform pumps and looked at them. I noticed the side seaming but saw that the color flowed effortlessly - they looked Euro which means I'd have to order a 10.5 and have my paris hilton big foot moment from some tiny petite skinnyminny who probably never saw anything bigger than a size 7. That's okay, I'd made the sacrifice for the black/gray ombre platforms. They were 4"+ so I knew that I'd have to go to Nordys for some Foot Petals during the break in stage. Then the red ombre caught my eye. Nothing wrong with a covert once-over right? I pick up the shoes all the while thinking "Red/Black/Brown - well I did want the black but the red is so rich" and then I saw it. Like a big zit glaring like Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer was a side panel that was NOT the same rich red as the rest of the shoe. No, it was more of a muddled orange red that did not flow with the ombre shading. What the hell.

Then I picked up the black shoe and looked at that side panel - same thing, but not as drastic. I sighed, disappointed in the fact that Aldo had failed me. They were going to charge me $110 for a pair of Prada wanna bes that were so cheaply made, I think I could get a better pair on Canal Street or a local discount store. Hell even Bakers shoes had better shading.

It was then I was spotted. Perhaps it was my sigh. Perhaps it was my face fallen like a child who learned that Santa was not real and it was just her parents making footprints with baby powder [ahem, not that mine ever did that, right?]. Either way, the game was up.

"How are you today?" skinnyminny petite salesgirl asked. Not one to mince my words, I replied "Truthfully, disappointed". She acted surprised and asked why I was disappointed. I then told her that if Aldos was going to charge $110 for a Prada knock off because, in all reality, that's really what they were, they should make them better. She sputtered a bit protesting to which I showed her the glaringly obvious red tacky platform. I showed her how cheaply made it was, how it was not fluid and, while that might be okay for some Joan Schmoe in Timbuktu, I however can't rock a shoe like that without feeling self conscious. And it wasn't even the interior side panel - it was the EXTERIOR side panel. Like a child caught in a lie, SkinnyMinny salesgirl then confirmed my fear - it was like that on ALL of the shoes. One by one I kept picking up the regular pumps and the platforms to see if it was like that and indeed, it was confirmed - all except the brown platform had the horrid side panel error. Tacky, tacky, tacky.

We parted ways and I told her that Aldos, while once a favorite shoe store of mine, sadly fell down the food chain a bit. I'm sure not everyone is as anal retentive as me when it comes to the shoes, but I have an addiction and it can't be sated with something I'm so self conscious over.

Yes, I know - I have issues. But we won't even go into my shock and horror over $400 shoes from Gwen Stefani at Nordys. I just can't process that one yet.

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