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Friday, March 28, 2008

I've Been Bad - So Very Bad...

I've gone on a bit of a "shopping" frenzy this week. Besides the shoe fest that I had at DSW and Marshalls, I hit some major goals I said I was going to do and a few things crossed my path that I just couldn't pass up. Both of these will get major use and I don't foresee me getting too crazy.

For the past 10 months, I've wanted a Cole Haan bag but wouldn't pay the full price for it. Well, Smart Bargains has its rewards for members - I got a crack at a bag of theirs with coupons and cash back and, can I say I paid only a FRACTION of what its selling for in the stores. Yes, it's big but it's GORGEOUS. The leather is rich. There's room for everything. It's so very chic. The web pic doesn't do it justice - definitely fondle worthy (and it's been getting its share of fondling from the gals at work!) And, my other confession - it's the first real designer bag that I bought ON my own - and it's REAL - REAL! No fakes for me. I gave that up a long time ago.

The other thing was basically consolation score after my excursion to the outlets yesterday. Dreaming of all things Weitzman, I went to Saks Off Fifth looking for any and all SWs in my clodhopper size. I found a few pairs but I wasn't all za za zoo over until I saw them - the Red Delgadis Ombre pumps from my post yesterday. Like the Secret says - put it out there and it will come to you, right? Better yet - THEY WERE IN MY SIZE!! MY SIZE!!! After I wandered up and down the aisle in my sassy SWs, I noticed there was no tag - NOOOOOO. So, I looked on the box and saw $93 but it wasn't even the right shoe for the box. So I wandered up and down the aisles looking for a similar shoe to find the price. And no go. So here is MY shoes, MY color (well one of them) and in MY SIZE. But what's the price? :::sigh:::

Finally, a manager reads me off a price of a shoe that is NOT the same and said it was $179. I told her that no, I couldn't purchase them because with cash back and coupons - I could probably get them MUCH less. My guess is there will be more at the Saks Off Fifth opening on the 16th at the Prime Outlets (which I scored an invite to!) and, with that, I departed the store.

So, I went to Neimans Last Call looking for any SW that might be on the shelf and only found Beverly Feldman, Kate Spade and Juicy Couture - and Sam Edleman flats that I already have and am returning.

Then I saw them - my Sunglasses. And my sunglasses were 60%+ off retail. These were the sunglasses I have lusted after since I first saw them in Naples/Ft. Myers and have wanted them ever since. I would try them on and put them back so many times. That was my consolation score as I was also trying them on in Saks Off Fifth (and they were $30 higher there!) so I was more than willing to give up the SWs for the glasses.

For now - anyways - because my goal now is that I will have my SWs by June/July. And yes - I paid cash - no charge. I know better ;) Larry Winget might show up on my doorstep if I didn't behave.

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