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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Stuart Weitzman: A Case Study in Shoe Lust...

I went to Palm Beach Monday determined to get my shop on. On the agenda, Sur La Table (of course!), Saks, Nordys, Williams Sonoma and *holds heart* Stuart Weitzman. Now - I have to admit my idiocy prior - until Kalisa started spotlighting SW on her blog, I had seen them but not really *seen* them. I was distracted by all things Manolo, Loubou and Chanel.

Now - when I happened to pick up a little pamphlet on the ride down the 'pike towards Palm Beach, I saw the words "STUART WEITZMAN" and I about squealed with glee. Reese chastised me a bit for callin' 'em Stewies (hey - I know I know) but having tried on SW's while shopping and realizing how well they fit my big clodhoppers (size up OR go wide - wide is really standard as SW runs narrow), I was excited about going to an actual Stuart Weitzman boutique. I figured "Ahhh - this is the life".

Here's my take on the SW boutique - don't bother. During my "perusal", I found most of the salespeople to be rude, the selection is lacking and I've seen better amounts in Orlando at Nordys, Macys & Bloomies. I found one pair I was ready to buy outright but the saleswench wouldn't even acknowledge anyone's existence, let alone mine. Am I pissed - yes and no. I'd rather just have a "Come to Jesus" meeting with their district manager and call it a day. I don't think I'll be frequenting SW's boutique doors any time soon. However that did not diminish my love for the brand.
SO - with that - here's my shoe lust list of the week shall we:

LOVE anything Tortoise (like y'all don't know - pshaww!) and this pair is no different. It's definitely fondle worthy.

Can we say "Come to Mama?" Oh I *heart* these to the umpth degree - still seeing where I can wrangle the funds.

More Ombre love in a sassy "come hither" red.

And THIS one - while I could never ever wear it - it was gorgeous in person. (Plus - outside of Tortoise, I have this obsession with all things Teal)

I still have to take photos of all the shoes that have found their way to their new home (aka my closet) in the past two weeks (*shaking fist at Hotfessional for shoe idea*) and decide what gets returned (so far we're at 3 pairs going back with big "REJECTED" stamps) but it's quite the shoe season for moi.
Is there a ShoeAddicts Anonymous I wonder?

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