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Monday, April 07, 2008

300 Days...

Today it was a combo of 9to5 mixed in with a little entertainment calls during my lunch hour just to try and keep the skills from getting TOO rusty. All in all, success. However, it reminded me that sometimes I need to recognize that I tend to sell myself short and pigeonhole myself in a category that doesn't take into account all that I can do (and have done). I think that by letting the 9to5 get to me as badly as it did, it set me back a bit. Hanging out with JoeZ and FormerClient put things into a new perspective, much like my travel to Philly did in February - it reinforced everything that I've been feeling for a while. I need to make a change.

So, while I had to make some decisions here in the short term, now I have to focus on the bigger picture and the long-term goals. I know where I want to go, what I want to do, etc. Its just prepping the outline and the planning to get to that next level. And, by doing so, I'm pretty much "putting it out there" - a template for success, one might say.

I know that, come February, it's a whole new ball game out there and this gives me perspective. 300 days from today until I hit my goal. While it seems like alot right now, I know that, in reality, it's going to go by quickly. 300 days to work on the credit. 300 days to fix the damage that was done from back in the day. 300 days to go through the clutter and weed out what is not needed. 300 days to work on what damage I brought upon myself. 300 days to find a new place. 300 days to get everything in motion. 300 days until I really am *home*.

And, somehow, it doesn't seem that far off.

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