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Monday, March 31, 2008

Hello Lovah....

So last Friday, as I confessed to y'all, my girl Diane told me about Bluefly having *THE* Tortoiseshell shoes that I have been lusting after for basically forever - the Stuart Weitzman Fever pumps. Well, not only did Bluefly have them cheaper, but they were over $100 cheaper by the time I was done with coupons and cash back. Oh. My. Holy. Hell.

Saturday I get the email that they had shipped and knowing that I only did standard shipping. I started second guessing my purchase after reading reviews, looking at finances, etc. and was thinking - well, they'll be here in 7 to 10 business days and I'll decide then.

WRONG! OH So Wrong. As I got home tonight from the 9to5, there was a box in front of my apartment - just sittin' there. Normally I would be pissed as all hell for something left in front of my door but not tonight.

SO, behold my new lovelies which have found a new home with yours truly.

Bluefly went First Class!

Even the box had me at hello.

Breathtaking. The picture doesn't do it justice.

My first Carrie Bradshaw-esque shoe purchase. It's gonna take a few days of breaking in and blister block and getting used to the huge pointy toe but I can also justify it as self defense weapons, no?

I'm a SW convert, finally. The other shoes that I wasn't sure about keeping but yet hesitant about returning this morning are going back. That money is going back in the account. While the other shoes are pretty - they are not THESE shoes. And I'm thrilled with this purchase and so thankful to Diane for the heads up.

I'm in love... with my choos.

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