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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Word to the Wise: Buggies Beware...

Apparently Mr. Wiggles didn't perish before giving his instructions to his cohorts to target this home. Thankfully I was home and armed with a big azz can of hairspray and a broom prepped for the wasp trying to pollinate (NO JOKE) the friggin' water sprinklers in the ceiling.

The other morning, I caught Mr. Wiggles' co-hort as he attempted to scurry to safety by the fridge. He didn't make it in time. And, I have a testimonial. RAID works MUCH better than Contact. And if my complex doesn't do something quickly, they are going to be seeing a side of me they don't like. My father was absolutely right when he said there were two. I guess the co-hort didn't think I'd catch him so early in the morning. HA! Guess it was my turn to say "HAI!"

Talk about having to put on one's big girl panties. The kitteh wanted to get the wasp but I didn't want her to be stung. The wasp survived and relocated to my balcony - in shock but still breathing. Mr. Wiggles co-hort, along with a nip bottle of Absolut and a shoebox cover, perished in the battle and there has been much kitchen scrubbing.

Buggies Beware. Y'all ain't welcome in my home. Sometimes I HATE spring in Central Florida.

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