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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Detective Lys At Your Service...

Or, in the alternative - Google IS your friend.

Party planning is in full gear for our boy's "20th again" soiree. While some aspects are pretty simple and I'm not handling the day to day, trying to wrangle stuff for his "surprise" has been crazy, to say the least. There were so many people that came through the show back in the day and trying to track down former guests has put my detective skills to good use. Oy vey.

However, it did show me that while my soiree planning skills were perhaps a bit rusty, I can still pull it off. Let's just hope everything gets here in time. The main thing that's in our favor is that it's from our hearts and people are recognizing that. Our friend is one of those people who is there for everyone and doesn't hesitate to speak his mind. He's a good egg, our Rome.

You would think that through all the details that I have charted on my little excel spreadsheet, I'd remember "DOH - Lys you need a HOTEL!" so guess what's on my agenda this week. Research hotels near the party spot because this gal doesn't want to have to drive if she doesn't have to. It would be nice to HAVE cocktails along with everyone else, no? Either that or I'm making JoeZ. drive.

Because, after this event - I'm going to need a COUPLE cocktails.

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