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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fate Just Has A Way...

Today, as I'm going through my Google reader (ever so quickly because you never know who may be watching what may need to be done) and I noticed that Jen Lancaster, author extraordinaire (if you aren't reading her books can I smack you? Please? get thee to Barnes & Noble/Borders/Amazon STAT!!!) is touring 'round the country promoting her new book - Such A Pretty Fat.

Now, when she initially talked about the book tour and where to go, of course I had to represent O-Town and suggest my fair *ahem* city. Sadly, Orlando didn't make the cut. I don't know if it was the Disney rat, recent influx of Polk County-Esque Yahoos who seem to be roaming the streets or just the fact of "Ugh - Orlando? Are You Kidding" that her publisher didn't like but I understand. Trust me when I say as a former publicist, Orlando sometimes doesn't hit the radar - "Family Friendly", "Boy Band", "Disney", "Theme Parks", "Vacation" blah blah are often used to market Central Florida when they should be talking about some of the lesser known things on the radar - namely Outlets, Fabulous Malls, Total Wine, STARBUCKS (hell - it's me playing marketer - deal, okay?) and other little quirky things that make Orlando tolerable. Many of the little things just don't interest the tourists which, thanks to my tourist phobia, suits me just fine.

Now, OurBuddy's birthday soiree is coming up fast and furious on the radar - May 9th to be exact. Today's post on Jennsylvania talked about the book tour and, like a lightbulb going on over my wee little brain, it clicked. Out whipped the mouse and a flurry of clicks later lead me to this bit of info from her website:

Friday/May 9
1 South Broad St. Suite
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Wait - did I see that right - Philadelphia, May 9th? That silent scream of joy that only your dog/cat just heard was me realizing that my schedule actually allowed me, without even thinking about it, to be in Philly when one of my favorite authors is doing a book signing. SQEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Now, OurBuddy will have to understand if I'm a little late showing up to the soiree. I mean, after all, it IS Jen Lancaster. Not that he would understand but I hope he would. Then again, he also was a bit shocked to hear that I've turned into quite the little chef too. Eeeh. Oh well. I'd ask him to go but somehow I don't think Rome and crew has read Bitter is the New Black. They should, absolutely, but somehow - I just don't see them *getting* it, ya know. (Rome, Jas, Ty, CK - Love you guys and all but seriously - I can't fathom it!)

This, my friends, has made me quite the happy gal - I just hope that Ms. Lancaster doesn't think I'm totally stalker-esque. Perhaps if I visit bearing wine - that might help. Kristabella - advice, por favor?

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