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Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Techie Genius I Am Not...

I've got one thing on my mind and that is prepping everything for OurBuddy's soiree. Sadly, I haven't had alot of time to focus on it and now its getting down to the wire as the party is a couple weeks away. One thing I have to do is convert some VHS tapes to DVD. Slight glitch tho - the remote for the DVD recorder ALSO seems to control the VHS/DVD Player. What. The. Hell. So this week I have to troubleshoot, switch out DVD/VHS players and play around. Keep your fingers crossed that I can actually hook up the right wires.

Then, I go to pull one of the main tapes that needs to be converted - except the tape SNAPPED. So, obviously we can't use that one for OurBuddy and I'll have to have it rethreaded and converted. (Yes, Reese - it was the BubbleSkirt Tape and, for once, I had NOTHING to do with that mishap.)

Finally, I'm online learning how to do all things YouTube, including archiving footage and let me tell you - it's a headache and a half. I had to purchase some conversion software too so we can upload some stuff as well. Good thing is that thankfully some show fans came through and put up some footage that we needed.

I know I work best under pressure but hot damn people. I'm going to need a few cocktails after this party.

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