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Friday, April 18, 2008

Seriously, People - Don't Even Play Me...

Rant Ahead, indulge me please. KThxBai!

To the Polk County-esque folk that didn't know what a BURRITO was holding up the line in Pancheros, a Mexican food joint - may I suggest the pizzeria, Ginos, next door. We didn't need you going "Whai Hunee - whots that der - fish - no Isa take chiken" It was like absolute LOLCat speak. What. The. Hell. And then the wife kept going "Hunnneeeeee [in a whiney singsongy voice], should I get the Hot salser?" Seriously, lady - its SALSA. NOT SALS-ER! And why the hell you gotta ask your husband/boyfriend/clingy whatever if you should get it? Does he know if you can tolerate HOT food. And then the wench had the nerve to yip "Well I didn't WANT A burrito if it's all wrapped up!" Lady - that's what a BURRITO is. If you wanted a taco, say T-A-C-O. Better yet - get the hell out my damn city.

To the hot fashion MESS in front of me this morning at Panera's when I was going to pick up bagels:

A) Say thank you when I hold the door open for you. Didn't your mom teach you manners?
B) Don't cut in front of me when you see a co-worker and then look at me like I have a problem. I'll curse you out.
C) Don't think that you can wear a hot mess Ruff Riders/Baby Phat/whatever jeans AND jacket with stonewashed patterns all over it with the names of cities and states. I don't need a geography lesson in front of me. And, that tank top was way too small and way too tight whereby absolutely showing your tramp stamp and chichos in a non-flattering light. And then have the nerve to tell your coworker, "Don't I looookk FINNNNE" with a fuggin' head roll. Lady - seriously. Your hair was a hot damn mess -a kaleidoscope of reds, purples, brown and black that gave me a migraine, held up with a hot pink clip. Your tats were all over the place and the only gal that has tatted paw-prints on her cleavage is Eve. On you it just looked a hot damn mess.
D) Don't order a ton of pastries and then tell the counter gals arrogantly, "Well he [the coworker] is paying for it. Put it on his card" Yes, I know he said he'd pick up your breakfast but $40 worth of pastries is a bit much, no? And then get all huffy when they tell you he needs to sign the slip, forcing you to chase him down to the parking lot to come and sign for your "breakfast".
E) Again, don't look at me when I tell the girls when it's my turn, "I'm so sorry she's so rude - She obviously missed the seminar on Manners 101" and then think I won't curse your hot fashion mess behind out. See, I can get feisty AND make you look the fool in a hot minute. I may look all nicey-nicey, but I can come correct when needed.

To the idjiot register gal at Pancheros that looked at me like I had two heads when I said "Ok - those tacos are not put together correctly, you can't just toss them in a bag loose. Let's just put them in a bowl". She sighs, gets the bowl and then puts them on TOP of the covered bowl and goes "Do you want them IN the bowl". Obviously that was the meaning, or I wouldn't have wasted energy to ASK you.

Yeah, there are cocktails on the menu and the next person to get stupid will get a ass whuppin'. I ain't playin' today.

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