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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Appearances Can Be Deceiving...

However, one thing that always lives on is a good John Hughes movie. Tonight, WE is running "Sixteen Candles." Even though I went to a catholic high school, it seems like high school was the same - public or private.

I always wanted to be like Sam with wearing the cool clothes to school, the fashionista friend, and, of course, Jake Ryan. I don't think we had a "Jake Ryan" in our school but, when I was a sophomore, there were these two football players - Jim and Joe (twins) who many gals crushed on. They were two years ahead of me so when they graduated, I don't think there was anyone in my class that I crushed on in my Junior/Senior year. That was when I was dating someone *ahem* older and realized that there was a much bigger world outside the four walls of Cathedral High.

Even the school dance seemed similar - right down to the row of "geeks" on the side, the wallflower gals and popular kids going to private parties after the dance. While I rarely rebelled, I do remember one "party" I went to with one of my friends who was a cheerleader. I just remember thinking "Are you serious" when I watched these football players getting trashed and acting a fool.

What's amazing to me is that John Hughes movies just seem to capture the feeling of that era where so many people can identify with the various characters. And, I don't think there will ever be another movie that captures the ideas that Sixteen Candles conveyed - that while we all may be in our little "groups" or whatever, we still all experience the same insecurities and misconceptions that kids share. And not everything is just as it seems.

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