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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Update About The Eyes...

Last night, I did go to the eye doctor. I headed out of the 9to5 and, upon entering the Doctor's office, Linda - his super assistant - took one look at me and said "You're the gal with the sore eye". I guess the redness was glaring through the Guccis. Oh well. As I was joking with her about Dr. K., I said "Am I going to want to kill him? Is he painful?" I didn't know what to expect because I don't necessarily like doctors. I've had quacks in my history that have prompted me to do my research before I walk in the office - less chance of misdiagnosis (i.e. Diverticulitis, according to one doc, is irritable bowel syndrome - really? Ugh!)

Dr. K heard my questions and he matched me zing for zing. He talked to me one on one, was a former military doctor and, when presented with the optometrist v. opthamologist question, he was frank about his experience and what they can and cannot do. Even my father, the champion of all opthamologists everywhere (as is my mom), was calmed down when I told him what happened and thought that fate finally gave me a decent doc. When told about my former doctor's refusal to give me a glasses prescription, Dr. K exclaimed "That's idiotic! You need a backup!" Apparently he's familiar with her because they all worked for the same district.

Final diagnosis - I have a corneal ulcer. It was caught super early and its at the top of my eye instead of in the center (which is a blessing and a half!). I have antibiotics that I have to put in my eye, an order to rest, a threat from Dr. K. to call my 9to5 to tell them to NOT strain my eyes, and an order to not even go NEAR contacts until May 7th. He's going to be kind and let me have my contacts in for OurBuddy's soiree but before then, he and I are going to be fast friends. I've got another appointment on Thursday afternoon and then I'll have another one in a few weeks. I've also been ordered to wear sunglasses outside for the next 3 weeks too. Apparently my right eye has some severe sun sensitivity which is common with the corneal ulcers. I've been joking that my eye is stressed out and work gave me a damn ulcer. Plus, when I'm sick, I listen to the doctor - I'm not messin' with my sight. To quote one of my gals "You only have 2 eyes, right?"

Well, he was kind to charge me a discounted rate yesterday. He knew about my crappy insurance plan and, knowing that I'll have repeat visits and the amount of money I was about to shell out, he helped me out. My $60 prescription - not covered. My glasses - not covered. I talked Lenscrafters into knockin' off $75 off the price of the glasses. For cryin' out loud, the woman wanted to sell me Versace or Brooks Brothers frames. First of all - do I LOOK like a Versace gal? I told her that personally, I found them tacky and a designer name on the glasses won't sell me. Plus, she was warned that a) I'm blind at the moment - i had NOTHING in my eyes. No contacts, no glasses, nada; b) just let me fondle and put things up to my eyes (I can see up close) and c) just let me shop in peace. I finally found a pair of frames that didn't suck but still it was $160 for the frames, $210 for the lenses. They were knockin' something off those suckers. And since my glasses prescription is gonna change in 2 weeks, they are going to go back and switch out the lenses too! Her manager, while he's an ass, should not come up against me. I heard him yelling at her for knocking some money off the glasses but that's okay. I told her that if he gives her grief - send him to me. I'll set him on his butt and quick. One of the other gals told me "Please, can you?!?!" Sure - I'm blind and sore which can make me cranky. Needless to say the manager stayed in the back.

Now, you know damn well that, since I was stuck blind in the mall for an hour waiting, I went shopping. I got a dress for OurBuddy's soiree (on sale), a gorgeous coral shirt for Philly, some MAC makeup (Lee - you were lyin' when you said my eye looked fine. Thank you tho!), my ombre shoes (on sale!), and found the shoes that quickly replaced the Chanels that I wanted in Coral. However, they didn't have my size and I'll order online and post later.

So, the eye issue was VERY expensive and being stuck blind in the mall shopping didn't help the wallet either. But this morning my eye is 10x better, I put the drops in this morning, got the stern "discussions" from both parents, popped on my glasses and am enjoying my doctor's ordered day of rest. I have to work tomorrow but today is a non-work day AT ALL!

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