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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Audacity of Some Peeps...

So, in planning the soiree for our boy, he's opened the guest list - come one, come all (well those that he knows and and guests of those that he knows anyways). He wants to have a good time and rightfully so. It's his party and he can jam if he wants to, right? Cool - the more the merrier because this crew knows how to party (like rockstars as KimmyK would say).

Well, today, on the email listserv that a bunch of us belong to, some convo turns to the party. More people are wanting to attend and people are confirming on that list. Cool - works out well and spreadsheet is in play. I've offered to play the role of the crazy wench at the door and keep out the really nuttyones (and nutty meaning I want a cache of straightjackets at the door because we don't need ANY drama at the soiree) and all will be fine. After that I will be having cocktails and Meowmix and Suz can play police officer with the nuttyones.

Well, back to the rant issue. One of the people on the list, we'll call her "Munchkin", comes up with the bright idea that it should be HER party too because HER birthday is May 3 and, in her opinion, it should be a party for ALL the peeps in May.

Her quote:
hey we all are going to be there and we can do as many bday as we want what is
wrong with that there are people at there that have the same bday or near bday
like i do with [redacted] i was not trying to start shit just wanted to ask i am thinking about coming so why not have fun and some of my friends what to come to

Yeah - punctuation is a challenge sometimes for that gal, but again, I'm trying to be nice. :::sigh::: I apologize for the 4 times that one might have to read to comprehend (because that's how long it takes me to read her emails sometimes. Ugh!)

OK, so let me get this straight. If I'm reading the run-on correctly, this is NOT a party for OurBuddy but should be a party for all those people having birthdays near the time of the event, including Munchkin?

Oh hell to the no - this is OUR friend's party for HIS "I'm still 20 and look gorgeous" party. When did the memo go out that it was for the 900 subs and for HER birthday too? So this means that we have to send out pitches to sponsors for OurBuddy and Munchkin's party? The surprise isn't supposed to be for OurBuddy but Munchkin too? Is she footing the bill for this? Is she doing the work for this? Is she doing anything BUT showing up at the door with a whole "HELLO! It's MY PARTY" bs? Sorry anger moment there. But you see where I'm going, right?

Here's something that she doesn't seem to get. Everyone from the show (and guests and fans and celebs) remember OurBuddy. Hell, he was on the show for well over 9 years. According to her, apparently she was a regular from inception to the bitter end but noone remembers her.

Now, I'm trying to be a kinder, gentler Lys or else I'd REALLY turn DoorBiatche on her ass, much like THIS, but I am making a sincere effort to be nice. I don't want to fan the flames because when you are dealin' with a listserv that is as huge as this one - one inkling of drama turns into an inferno quicker than Paris Hilton latchin' onto a new guy.

Thankfully, Reese is always the voice of reason. Here was her beautifully crafted response to Munchkin on the listserv (reprinted with permission):

You're seriously going to ASK someone to celebrate YOUR birthday at
HIS OWN PARTY?! Really?! Wow.

Balls of steel.

Reese is MUCH nicer than me. However, now, Munchkin will get whapped with my clipboard should I see her at the event. And, by the way, there will be no Munchkin name on the cake either - just OurBuddy's.

What would you do?

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