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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Still Recovering...

Earlier today, I was saying that I didn't realize how much planning the whole Philly thing took out of me on top of my active work load until this week. I've been crashing dead asleep by 10/11 each night and, for those that know me, that's virtually impossible. I am worn the hell out. For a gal who normally crashes around 1/2 a.m., I'm starting to feel the creakin' in my bones. I used to be a night owl but no more. It was so bad on Wednesday that I even turned off Criminal Minds - that's NOT like me at all.

Today, I went out to lunch with one of my gals, Fus, and it was hilar. Between recounting what happened in Philly and her story about a certain person, it was good times. We don't catch up as much as we used to but it was fun. We work a couple streets away from each other but she's a workaholic much like yours truly so lunch is just never an option plus when we talk, we talk. An hour - fuhgettaboudit! Then I was off to go shopping in the Millenia Mall, only picking up a few things before I had to go grocery shopping.

The more I tend to think about what happened in Philly, the more I start to see that things happen for a reason. There was a reason for everything, the party, the fire damage to OurBuddys' spot, the renewal of friendships - hell even the heated bucket seats of the gas guzzlin' Impala (I still giggle over my remark "Why is my azz hot??"). Every couple of days, I'll hear from one of my Philly crew or I'll contact them. It's hard to believe how much I miss them all sometimes. One of my fave gals will be flying into Orlando in a couple weeks so we've got Martinis on the agenda. Not to mention, last night, I got the call that I'll be going back either Aug. 9th or Aug. 23rd - I'll know more by Monday. It wasn't the date I was hoping for but, yet again, everything for a reason as I have a job to do while I am in Philly - not just to goof around and bat my eyelashes, right?

So now, I need to recoup so I can be ready for Aug. - and that means I need to get my happy non-warm butt to the gym. And, I need to hold myself accountable for everything - finances, fitness and health.

And, I behaved - I didn't buy this. I was so tempted to even with the gals offering to knock $50 off the price. One day - just not this day.

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