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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nothing Like Some Good Tunes On The Speaker...

I'm one of those gals that, when I find a radio station I like, I stick to it.

IMO, the Orlando radio market sucks. Straight up - the only station I listen to is 92.5 and that's because my fave dj - Doc - is on the morning show. (I still am learning this country thang - shush Meowmix!) I stopped listening to Johnny and XL106.7 shortly after Doc left (By no fault of Alex or Johnny - I luv those guys - just not the station music choices). And other local stations make me go "Ugh!" Occasionally I'll try to check out the Tampa stations but still - nothing that makes me want to turn off the iPod/CD Player. Sure my clients get some radio play but on the personal level, I have trouble standing behind a station that seems to have lost its listener's focus.

When I travel, I always note my stations in the car. When I'm in NYC - it's KTU or Hot 97. When I'm in Connecticut/Western Mass - it's Kiss 95.7 (even tho I was ditched as their dance show intern because I was friends with someone at a rival station - booo *LOL*) or WMAS 94.7 (when my DJ buddies are on the air). When I'm in Boston/NH - its 107.9 or 94.5 when I want a little R&B/Hip Hop. And, when I was in Philly - normally the dial is set to Q102. Lately, in my frequency of trips, I noticed that Q just doesn't have the same UMPH! that it used to when I was younger - mainly it didn't have the dance trax that I enjoyed and seemed very "Clear Channel". You know how that is - when you hear the same song every 30 min. and wonder if San Antonio (Clear Channel's HQ) just has no imagination. The past few trips I've been flippin' the dial between Q102 and their new station, WIRED 96.5. I would listen to WIRED and noticed that it was like my Q of long ago. (Not surprisingly - some of the WIRED staff is from Q).

Guess what - this last trip - 99.5% of the time my station was on WIRED and, even better, when I got home and logged into the site, I saw I can listen live. Because, clearly, that's the shot in an arm this gal needs - decent radio and it's on my computer dial now.

If you love some good dancin' tunes, check it out at

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