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Friday, July 11, 2008

Get Your Head In The Game...

That was the phrase that was uttered at me yesterday and it has been playing over, and over and over again.

I have to admit - the last few weeks, I've been operating on autopilot, namely because I'm bored. I'm not creatively challenged and I'm at a crossroads with my life.

I have decisions that I have to make but it's such a huge one, that I need to break it into smaller, more management parts. I've got stuff happening at home; stuff at the 9to5; stuff with friends and so on and so on. My brain is overloaded and I feel like I'm torn in 20 different directions where I'm ready to retreat into my hermit shell and bark at the world: "Back away slowly and noone will get hurt"

And, quite frankly, my head is NOT in the game. I said when I first came here that if I'm not learning something or I'm not challenged, I'm bored. Flat out bored. Plus dealing with the other issues around this spot has exhausted me to where I want to blast Mary J. Blige's "No More Drama" from every computer in this joint. Some people thrive on drama - not me. Some people thrive on negativity - not me. And it's hard to keep my head up, let alone in the game, when both are being thrown in my direction left and right.

However, I'm stronger than the average bear and I will bounce back to myself and better after this weekend. I just don't think that people who thought I was down for the count will be prepared for the right hook when I've got my head "in the game".

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