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Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Reasoning Behind the Skyscrapers...

One of the frequent questions/comments I get is "How the heck do you wear those skyscraper heels?"

My normal response is "I'm used to it - I've been wearing heels since I was 15."

At my high school back in the day we had to wear a uniform skirt but the girls had the option of wearing whatever shoes and tops/sweaters we wanted (within reason). Often we acted like the forest green/blue/yellow heinous plaid skirt was black and it was a fashion travesty walking down the halls. (One of these days I'll have to scan a photo from back then just to show you the fashion hell I was a part of). I was blessed in having a fashion plate for a mom and since we wore the same shoe size, so during my Junior/Senior years, I would "shop" in her closet (sometimes without her knowing - or finding out later - eeks!). The point is - I had a killer wardrobe for a fashionista in training.

Then, when I started on the show, most of the girls would wear heels (as one can plainly see from the recent clips posted on YouTube). One of the *ahem* ringleaders/popular girls often wore 3" heels. I remember when she "graduated" to 4" heels - and, like lemmings, many followed suit. When I bought stuff for the show, sometimes I would wear some of the pieces to school - namely the shoes. (We won't talk about the rhinestone incident - and I don't think I have photographic evidence of such, thankfully.) However, there was a time where flats were fashionable (around 89/90) but I had a height complex and wasn't a fan of flats. (I'm 5'5 but sometimes I really feel like I'm 5'2). Plus a heel elongates the leg and, you got to admit, they are a head turner. So, the heels/skyscrapers stuck.

However, with heels there's a trick to it. That trick is namely - break in the shoes. Wear them often. Bring shoes to switch out if needed. I always have a pair of shoes under the desk that are well broken in and sometimes have an extra pair in the car. I often have "emergency flats" that are available if needed. Stick with brands you know. There is NOTHING more horrid than a gal who's hanging out over the shoe (too small) or flopping out of the shoe (too big) and let's not even talk about girls whose feet wobble worse than Bambi learning to walk. When it comes to heels, I say Learn it. Love it. Live it.

Lately, they have invented shoes that are "more comfortable" and don't feel like needles stabbing you incessantly - Cole Haan is one of them. I'm also a fan of the wedge heel (within reason of course - those Stella McCartney Wedge Heels profiled on Shoe Goddess recently - ummm - that's a resounding NO). And, as a bonus, you have the lovely additions of Foot Petals and Blister Block - both of which are in my "Fashionista Fix Kit."

Now, if you still are going "Ummm.... Lys, I'll just stick with the little heels." I say Go for it. Own It. Rock it like there is no tomorrow. If you want to graduate higher, I'm cheering you on.

Just wear what makes YOU feel fabulous and enjoy.

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