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Just Because...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Temptation: It's A Part of Life...

It seems like on the daily, my email inbox is barraged with a influx of "SALE" emails. Every retailer that I can think of is having a "sale". Every retailer that I normally frequent is going "Lys, here's a coupon". Retailers that I do the cash back and coupon combo are even in on the game and my wallet is on the verge of saying "Witch - if you even THINK of whipping me out, I'll hit you". Of course substitute the apropos word in place of witch and you can feel the depths of loathing that is radiating from my wallet.

My USAA debit card - some days it works, some days it doesn't - because it's wearing out from use. And that's my go-to card for EVERYTHING. I just don't know if I can wait another 10 days for a replacement.

My ING card is hiding in fear in my apartment - for fear of me breaking it out again at the outlets.

My credit cards are not an option because I'm working on paying them off for Operation Fico Score.

Cash - what's cash? I have maybe $5.00 to play with - the rest is in my USAA account.

What that means is this: I CAN'T GO SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's like a fish out of water, my friends. All these sales are trying to tempt me with their siren song and as much as I DON'T want to open the email, sometimes I slip and click on the open link which opens up a whole other rash of hell for me because now I have to fight my shopping/reasoning side of the brain that says "But Lys - those shoes would look FIERCE in Philly. Lys, you need a smaller flat iron. Lys, you know you just need to check out Macy*s for their One Day Sale (which - by the way - appears to be EVERY weekend - c'mon now)." And don't even get me started on Sur La Table and Stonewall Kitchen, both of which are banned for me right now until I go through my kitchen pantry - and I so desperately want to try Stonewall Kitchen's Pumpkin Pesto.

I'm trying. I'm really really trying.


It's hard being good.

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