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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Too Funny NOT to Post...

[and, in the interest of full disclosure - due to the nature of this post, it could, perhaps, be deleted depending on my mood - so read quick kiddies.]

OK, as you all know, some of my crew are in Philadelphia and we all met when we danced on this *ahem* tv show a bizillion years ago.

I have a core group of people that I hang with and we often get together and chill out whenever I'm home and not a trip goes by where I don't hear something that makes me go "ARRRUUUUU?" Couple that with copious amounts of cocktails and incessant laughter and we're a pretty rowdy bunch. So, you can imagine that when we get together, often one subject comes up to "What about ***? Whatever happened to ***?" and we have another cocktail, laugh and go eeehhh.

Keep in mind that The Show Rumor Mill is a character all of its own. The Rumor Mill had Ty driving off a cliff, had me married WITH kids, and so many different rumors floating that when I would hear things I'd think: "Eeehhhhh," laugh it off and forget about it.

One popular rumor was about *** who we'll call XYZ so I won't have to keep typing *** because typing *** can be pretty damn annoying to do, let alone read.

XYZ was rumored to be an actor - pretty successful supposedly. Now *I* had not seen him in anything major but whatever. I had seen some of the former show peeps in movies and tv so I didn't think the rumor was total b.s. However, when the Rumor Mill divulged that XYZ was really an "actor", turns out that it was an "actor" of the *ahem* "adult" variety.

That rumor was met with some laughter, another round of drinks and "Really. Seriously?? C'mon now." It came up a couple more times and again was met with skepticism... until two weeks ago.

Both Reese and I run one of the chat sites for The Show and we got a disturbing email - WITH Pictures. I figured that, perhaps, XYZ got caught on an off day or it was an ex-girlfriend scorned and we dismissed it. Then, a week ago, I was watching tv and all anyone could hear was me going "EEEEWWWW EEEWWWWW EEEEWWWW! I *DON'T* Need to see XYZ like this. I'm scarred. I'm scarred" (Yeah I had a total drama queen moment but if you understand this XYZ character you'd understand my utter revulsion. While everyone was crushing on him, I called him a frog and a few other *ahem* choice words. Forget the fact that at 14 I crushed on him for a hot second. I like to pretend THAT never happened.)

You know my theory if things keep crossing your path, pay attention? My friends - I can say with full authority that we not only paid attention - but we have full blown confirmation of said rumor with a bonus.

Not only was XYZ an "actor", but apparently he's an "Adult Media Czar." Again, more emails last night. Again I did the "I'm ALREADY SCARRED! I do NOT need to see [XYZ] like that" and had nightmares and early morning calls while Reese played detective (and let me tell ya - NOTHING gets past her) and solved a mystery (with 98% certainty).

What I've learned from all this, well, besides seeing a few birthday suits inadvertently, - sometimes you *really* do have to believe what you hear.

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