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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Because I Can...

I'm gonna channel my inner Kristabella (I'd link but I am on the bb and HTML is not my forte - luv her and give you the disclaimer that I've had a few. I'm out with Meowmix at my fave Philly spot and how cool is it when you come into a joint 3 months after you work an event and the crew knows your preferences, the DJ has you on lock and everyone has the VIP treatment in check.

A gal is blessed indeed. And that's not the espresso martinis. Trust.

And, one tip - Stoli Blueberi and lemonade will eff a gal up. Not that I know or anthing *cough* It was Bartender Anthony's fault *cough* ask ONE question and he has me as his damn guinea pig. Azzhat (but I *heart* him)

I'm gonna be a hot funky fried mess tomorrow at my meetings but damnit - my crew has me in check. I miss my city and Manayunk/Philly is my hiding spot. Its good to be home.


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