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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's ON Now...

Meowmix has put forward a dare of epic proportions and, I hate to say it, I'm faced with a challenge that even I don't know I can handle. I'm waiting for the terms and conditions which should be forthcoming in the morning and then I'll figure out how to blog about it. As it involves someone who could, quite possibly, come across my lil' home on the web, I dunno what can be detailed and what can't. It's still in the "discussion" phases.

Y'all know me - I can't resist a decent dare. How do you think I wound up with the tat that's on my spine?

Wish me luck... I think I'm really going to need it this time.

UPDATE: Still waiting to hear the terms and conditions. Meowmix was suitably distracted by something that was a bit more important. However, I decided that the challenge issued by her is quite possibly doable and the more I thought about it and chatted with one Ms. AuburnKat last night, I realized "Yo, I got this!" Meowmix sometimes forgets that I'm about as stubborn as (if not more than) her.

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