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Fanning The Flames... Or How I Encountered The Altamonte Firefighters...

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Fanning The Flames... Or How I Encountered The Altamonte Firefighters...

Last night, I headed to Tar-Jay to pick up a few things and then decided I'd relax with takeout from my fave deli and watch the season premiere of BONES (hello - David Boreanez - need I say more?). I run into characters at TarJay, start getting frustrated and welcome Snark back into the mix.

Well, remember that fire our complex had when I first moved in? Well, I got home and found 2 fire trucks in front of my apartment complex. OMG I was about to lose it. Not again!!!

I'm praying under my breath and hoping Shadow is okay when I see 2 hot firefighters looking at the side of the building and gesturing wildly. Well, there's no smoke, no flames, etc. That's good, right?

Well, I found out that apparently the pressure washers washing the building exterior screwed up the alarms. Basically, we were safe but that didn't stop me from flirting and channelling my inner SSG. And normally I don't like firefighters because back in the day I was *ahem* familiar with one firefighter that pretty much turned my attention to cops/soldiers.

Well, let me say Seminole County Firefighters are not only easy on the eyes but easy to talk to. Changed my opinion forever. And, let's be honest, they can come check on the alarm any time. Just give me some notice so I can rock the cleavage next time!

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