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Monday, September 01, 2008

Amusing - Well At Least To Me...

I get a kick out of my friends, seriously, I do. My friends who I have known for ages will tell anyone that I can compartmentalize stuff and flip into business mode, lickety-split. Also, when I am in my right mind (which is 99.99% of the time), I often think like a guy. I cut the b.s., speak frankly and deal with things swiftly. I try not to get emotional. I try not to get attached. Basically, I just speak it like it is and deal with the facts. I don't like to think of what others might think of me or my decisions. I don't try to analyze what others might be thinking/saying/doing. Just the facts - that's all.

I will recount something that Nick said to me once back when we were first getting to know each other, "Lys, you can separate friendship from business and not let either fall by the wayside." Yup, that's moi. We had hung out one night, he thought I was going to get all wiggy and the next day it was back to the same ol same ol. From that point on, he knew I was NOT just anotha gal. I have a number of girl and guy friends and they all know how I am. And you can see that many of my friends I've known for years and have kept those friendships together.

Well, over the past few months, I've met some new peeps who I'm just getting to know. For example, there's one of them who's been a great guy - don't get me wrong, but I get a kick out of him thinking that I'm going to get all wiggy like every other gal he knows. If he forgets to call, I don't get pissed or analyze - I move on. Send me an email or text - I work well with that. Swift and to the point. He's busy and I'm busy and I respect that. Also, when he tells me he's going to do something, he does it or goes above and beyond.

However, when I had something that actually NEEDED action from him, *poof* he all of a sudden starts acting like many guys I know (and Mat - don't cite sexist comment here *LOL* You are not in that generalization). I can't wait until he actually has to see me in a work environment because that's when he's going to get a clue (or three). If I see something, I act on it quickly because, in my world, time is, indeed, money. The only casualty from his inaction - him because it was going to benefit his business. I expect a big ol' Homer Simpson "DOH" from him when I see him next because this was a fabu opportunity. You know I'm gonna grin for days, right?

The battle of the sexes - neither side is victorious. But at least it makes for some amusing blog fodder.

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