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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Snark Has Passed...

I have to admit that I was in a snarky mood earlier today. Partially because the wager is starting to take its toll (shush Meowmix - I'm just in a rough patch!), partially because I'm annoyed with people that seem to think that while I'm blonde, that a brain doesn't reside in my head and, finally, because I'm still holding in a bit of annoyance with some residual drama from Philly that will be dealt with when I return.

I'm also snarky because, quite honestly, I miss my crew. I can start to feel some strain with some loose ends that need to be snipped (yes, Mr. Convenient being one of them) and a couple others, pretty much because I don't have time for their drama. Plus, speaking of snipping, I have a confession. It was A.'s birthday the other day and, I caved and emailed him. I really should NOT have done that as it only opened up a wound I was not ready to deal with and thought had healed. Reality is, I have to be honest that a part of me will always love that idiot but he's not the one for me.

Finally, let's not even go into Facebook with its constant notifications as to what people are up to. Somehow I feel like I'm being intrusive and don't like that. I really don't need to know what song Meowmix added, who's friending who or what shambles Rifleman and crew left Chi-Town in. And don't EVEN get me started on people sending me stupid applications. Drinks, sure. Plants - okay - but OH MY LORD people *LOL* No Coach or Chanel gifts. To quote a buddy, "Send me ONE MORE APPLICATION, I'll start droppin' people." (I won't but damn, sometimes one of them just sends me over the edge!!)

So Snark was in FULL effect today. Trust me on that.

Then I read this post by SSG today and smiled and *poof* the snark mood disappeared. Her post of looking out the windows and giving her brain time to actually enjoy the scenery reminded me of when I first started traveling and touring. The feeling of excitement that would overtake me as I gazed out over the plane wings on my way to my destination (more often then not, the bright lights of the Vegas' strip) and what lay ahead. After a while, that feeling got old and I would start to snooze the minute the plane wheels began to taxi down the runway or would let my brain race with all things "control freak" and "work-related".
Recently, that feeling resurfaced when I saw the Philly skyline from the plane windows on the last trip. So much promise of things undiscovered and new experiences, people and places overran the brain race of "Lys, you have to do X, Y, Z and S." or "Lys, did you confirm blah blah blah." Even upon departing, I remember looking out the windows to get one last glimpse of my city skyline before I headed back to Orlando and the day to day.

I just have to remember that mental image, remember the wonder and anticipation ahead and tell Snark it can take a back seat to life.

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