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Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Bampa Would Be Proud..

Well, he'd be prouder if I was a diehard Red Sox fan but that will never happen. I say time and time again, I'm a Philly girl and, with that comes the knowledge that there are only 4 teams: Eagles, 76ers, Flyers and, most importantly, Phillies. No matter how much our teams suck or having a rough spot, the devotion is tried and true.

Now, football and I are not on good terms just yet but between coaching explanations from Meowmix and Hotfessional, I think there's hope for me yet. Hockey is one of my favorites - something about the swiftness of the game and the blood and carnage of it all since I went to my first Springfield Indians game. Basketball caught on during March Madness during the Calipari days and when UMass was all over the map. My roommates banned sports from the apartment when I watched the 76ers spank the Orlando Magic and, since then, I rarely watched sports in the house until this year.

Baseball and I have been enamored with one each other since my childhood. I would walk into my Bampa's house and, nine times out of ten on the weekends, he would be sitting in his chair watching the Red Sox with a cold frosty beer next to him. When I went to California with him when I was younger, I went to a Angels game as that's the team of choice for my uncle. I've always said "Well, I prefer it live" and that hasn't changed. However, live is not an option as I'm in Orlando and not up north. Should I be in town, you know damn well I want to be at a game in S. Philly chillin' with my crew. I'm not all about the averages and stats but just enjoy the game itself.

So, today, I will be spending the afternoon watchin' my Phillies playin' the Chicago Cubs and praying for them not to lose. They've lost the last two games and I'm not a happy gal about it. Funny story - yesterday, I was callin' Rifleman about something and when he answered, I heard CHAOS behind him. Well, don't ya know, he was at the Phillies game at WRIGLEY FIELD. Now THAT is a Phillies fan, people. He's with his crew and who knows what debauchery Chicago is facing (sorry Kristabella!).

Let's just hope we don't see him or Ant doin' something stupid on the TV today. Better yet, let's hope they do. I'm thinkin' Meowmix might need some blackmail material and I need some blog fodder for tomorrow.

Now, please excuse me while I go watch Shane Victorino and drool a bit.

UPDATE: FOX REMOVED THE GAME! UGH! They have us watching the Tampa Bay Rays - WHO THE EFF WATCHES THE TBRAYS??? :::sigh::: To quote the local Fox guy, "Well, they are a local team and NY controls that". My response "Obviously NY doesn't know how badly CENTRAL FLORIDA TEAMS SUCK!" Yeah, I'm so not a staunch Orlando/Tampa supporter... And the game is blacked out. Oh well...

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