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Just Because...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

6 Unspectacular Quirks...

Little Fish tagged yours truly while doing her very first meme. How can I not comply, right?

So, let's go through the formalities...

The Rules: [Dum Da Dum Dum...]

Alrighty then. Let's play, shall we? Hmmm... 6 Quirks:

1. If I'm shopping in a clothing store, I have to put things back correctly on the hanger. Probably from my days working in Retail. And, if something falls or I see it on the floor while I'm shopping, I also have to pick it up and re-hang it.

2. I'm a firm believer in "This is my space; that is your space" ala Dirty Dancing. Therefore, don't read over my shoulder. Don't crowd me in the grocery store and DON'T get too damn close, especially if I don't know you. If so, you can rest assured that I will shoot the look of death your way and if you don't get the point to back that thing up, you more than likely will hear a very icy Devil Wears Prada voice with "Do you mind?" If you still don't get it, then we'll have a chat about space and boundaries.

3. I cannot, stress, cannot tell someone the same thing three times without getting annoyed. I can't explain it. I hate having to repeat myself but if it hits third/fourth time status, I'm done.

4. Must. Have. Coffee, preferably iced. If someone tells me they don't have iced coffee in a restaurant but I see that they have iced tea, the convo will go a bit like this:

Lys: "Do you have ice"
Server: "Yes"
Lys: "Do you have coffee?"
Server: "Yes"
Lys: "Well then, bring me a glass of ice and some coffee".

I try to be nice when pointing out the simplicity of an ice coffee. However, Meowmix will tell you of one GAH revelation when I was in Toronto where she was about to kill me because I didn't get ice coffee and I was a bit mean. Sorry, coffee is my crack. I come with that disclaimer.

5. More coffee goodness. I cannot have sugar in my ice coffee and, preferably only skim milk. When the gal at Dunkin' doesn't listen to me and assumes that I want it "regular" i.e. cream and gobs of sugar, I'll send that sucker back with the quickness. And if it's old coffee, umm.. no that's going back too.

6. I do not have a poker face. My face is beyond expressive so if I'm annoyed, you'll know it. If I'm happy, you'll know it. If I'm pissed, watch out. And if I'm in a club, just ignore my mean look - I'm just focusing on the DJ and atmosphere. Just smack me upside the head ala NCIS' Gibbs and we're good.

OK, tagging... since this is Little Fish's FIRST Meme that she passed my way, I'll be bold and say

Anyone else up for a meme? Let me know in the comments and I'll come visit.

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