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Just Because...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ughhhhhh... Did I Make Deadline???

It's 11:56, the BB is not allowing me onto Blogger and dammit if I don't post SOMETHING I'll be in violation of NahBlahBlah and we can't let THAT happen - not when I'm only 3 mo. away from victory.

Dinner tonight at Todd English's bluezoo was AMAZING! OH. My. God. I'm still in amazement. Stay tuned as yes, I food blogged and photo snapped every. flippin. plate. Last night's "Date" at Williams Sonoma - well my wallet thinks that it was not a good one as my wallet is screaming in horror and tomorrow I can tell you all, my lovelies.

But I will say this - I am inspired and that's just what is needed. I have to think about what to cook tomorrow. Much thanks to the crew at FoodBuzz. Love them!

Now I publish and pass out!

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