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Friday, September 05, 2008

Inspired by Lipstick Jungle...

Y'all know how much I adore that show, Lipstick Jungle, right? Well, many moons ago (shush, last season, mmmkkkayyy?), I lamented to one Ms. Bren of Flanboyant Eats that I needed a pearl necklace much like the one Victory Ford wore on the show. Well, my friends, I found it - AND it was at Tar-Jayyyyyy, not South Street in Philly. The price tag made dealing with the characters I encountered at the crazy store all that much better. Well, somewhat, but you know me and my crazy ass encounters in this town and my lack of keeping my opinions to myself.

So, I played with Polyvore and in true LabelHo fashion (love her blog and if you don't read it - start please - she's returning soon!), I created this little "What I Wore Today." Well, a jist of what today's outfit was because the wrap top is from Spiegel, the cami from Torrid and my heels - love the Stuarts but boy do they hurt. You would think after runnin' around the Bourbon without tripping on the cobblestones, they'd be broken in by now (shush Meowmix and Rifleman - I can walk in heels, but just not when Ant's mixing the cocktails).

Today, it was all about the fashion, well, Philly style because if anything, I certainly do not dress like a gal from Orlando.

I love fall fashion... seriously, I do.

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