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Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm Heated...

I was watching Game 3 of the NCLS and my blood is BOILING. OK, people get hit with the ball, I get that. Like one player said, "It HAPPENS!"

However, to aim at someone's head, specifically my fave, Shane Victorino? Ummm... that's not kosher, Kuroda.

Then, you have Manny Ramirez who decided that he wants to run his mouth in the 3rd inning with the Dodgers running onto the field ready to brawl like a scene from West Side Story? I never liked that guy when he was part of the Red Sox and I sure as HELL don't like him now. So, the 3rd inning looked like it was about to break out into a hockey brawl and that, my friends, is NOT kosher. [Personally, I think Shane should have pummeled Manny's azz but that's just me]. They took it way beyond the "Spirit" of the game, IMO.

Oh, to the interviewers questioning Shane Victorino about the beef between him and the pitcher, Shane said "It's quashed". Meaning - tomorrow it's fair play but he's not going to hold a grudge. Do you need to keep harping on the drama with every other interviewee? Was that absolutely necessary? Do you need such a soundbite that you can play over and over again for dramatic effect? What ever happened to REAL JOURNALISM? I swear we got the staffers of the National Enquirer & Extra working for ESPN. WTH? Not helping was some smart mouth Dodger going "Well, it went BEHIND [Shane's] head." Whatever. Let me shoot a ball at 100mph at YOUR head and see how YOU react? GRRRRR....

And let's talk about the bored celebs in the audience. Only The Fonz and Tiger Woods looked into the game. Ryan Seacrest and Jon Lovitz couldn't be parted with their blackberries. They looked beyond bored. Then again, I'm never fond of the celeb placement but it's L.A. - there are always celebs around. Whatever.

Dodgers, enjoy your win today because I think my boyz are going to bring back tomorrow with a bit of heat.

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