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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Overwhelmed by Shopping - Yup, You Heard That Right...

Back in the day, I could deal with crowds with no problem. Crowded nightclub? Check. Huge sale? Check. Busy streets and chaos? Check. Huge store with tons of people and choices? Check.

I find that since I've moved here to Orlando, when faced with any of the above situations, I tend to retreat and feel anxious, short of breath and want to get out of dodge, stat. Tonight I went to to the new grandiose Whole Paycheck Foods out by Sand Lake and it's culinary overload. All different sights, smells, and sounds that you can't find in the average Publix or even Fresh Market. The Whole Foods in Winter Park scares the beejezus out of me but that's only because of the crazy botox wenches in the "gas guzzling SUVs" that are racing to one of the many plastic surgeons on each corner that could make it an accident zone.

While in the new Whole Foods, there was so much culinary inspiration that I just want to cook like a fiend this weekend. And I can see how one can lose their paycheck in that store - everything and ANYTHING you can imagine you can find there - well, except cippolini onions which is what I originally went in there for. However all of the choices overwhelmed me a bit and I had to just get out of there.

So, I'm sure I'll be going back again but with a list of "must finds". And with a bit more cash... I will say this tho - I make a MUCH meaner arroz con pollo than Whole Foods does. Don't think I'll try that again.

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