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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Got Served...

OK, friends, I have to confess. My curiosity has gotten the better of me. I know Meowmix is planning something in Philly. I have a general idea of the overview of everything. However, knowing HOW RED I get and mortified I have been due to previous *ahem* b'day events coordinated by people other than Meowmix, I did happen to unleash the inner control freak's sleuthing skills to make a few *harmless* inquiries. And harmless, well, let's just be honest and say bribery attempts were made. And people are NOT caving.

For example, Rifleman is privy to something or, in the very near future, will be. My intuition is spot on and I can sense when he is doing his boxing imitation aka bobbin' and weaving. So, I send a quick text inquiring if a person could be bribed for info. Well, to be expected, Rifleman claims no knowledge so I ask him ever so bluntly "How many Cubans will it take for me to find out what Meowmix is up to?" The boy's response: "I don't smoke cigars. I have no idea what you are talkin bout." Remember that line in that movie How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days - "Bullshit"? Yeah, I'm callin' Bullshit from the rooftops, my friend, because, while I may be blonde, I'm not THAT blonde. However, that avenue is closed and he's not gonna crack no matter how much a gal tries.

OurBuddy - well, I won't even try with that one because that man is blonder than me at times. Reese, well she'll just laugh at me and won't divulge. [At press time, yours truly learned that Ms. Reese is, apparently, privy to the shenanigans that are about to ensue and, much like a political candiate, has endorsed them.] Jas and CK - much like Rifleman - will be closed tighter than a clam. I'm up the creek, my friends. The ONE crack I thought I might have just turned out drier than the Mojave Desert so I have to forgo the control freak issues and just leave it in Meowmix's hands.

Now, Meowmix I trust implicitly and that goes without saying. Not to mention, our crew also has my back 24/7. However, again, flashing back to incidents where there could be *ahem* entertainment or standing on chairs or blackmail footage and photos from the Show years and then some - ahhhhh can you say your gal is a bit terrified of payback? Remember, I have pulled a few pranks in my day that have been interesting.** Meowmix has promised classy but fun with lots of booze and no opportunity for me to glare like I've been known to do. How can a gal go wrong, no?

I think I need to re-find my sense of humor and learn to go with the flow. And, of course, Rifleman (or Ant) better have my cocktail ready because I think I will need more than one drink to kick this off appropriately.

** Let's see, we have the time that an inflatable sheep was sent over to A. in Iraq or there was the time I sent a dancing monkey to interrupt a client's rehearsal because one of the members had a birthday on Halloween. Or, there was that time I ... Oh let me shut up.

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