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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Like A Storyline Out of Law & Order...

Who hasn't heard about the Casey Anthony story unfolding here in Orlando? If you haven't, let me give you a quick synopsis.

Little girl goes missing, mother doesn't report it for ONE MONTH, blames a non-existent babysiter who is allegedly holding the child and gave her a "script" of stuff to say, gets arrested not once but THREE TIMES for forgery and theft, parents turn around and cajole the media left and right until the media started to get "too intrusive" (read not playing to the family), the police find evidence of decomposition in the car where Caylee was, etc. etc. etc. It's a big mess. Watch Nancy Grace - you'll get the history.

Well, the grand jury indicted her today and, IN MY OPINION [my blog, my home, my opinion] GOOD! If there is enough evidence to warrant an indictment, then my opinion (that word again) is that there has to be JUST CAUSE for her to get charged with CAPITAL murder. It is not "proof of guilt" but a finding and an accusation. She's repeated lied to law enforcement. She's shown herself to be a thief, stealing from her friend, forging checks, etc. She's had suspicious behavior from the get go and she needs to just start telling the damn truth! Now, I know she's a "mother" and someone's "daughter". Her lawyer made a point of saying that trying to make the jury pool sympathetic to her plight in yet ANOTHER press conference. However, I do not have patience for b.s.

To quote the news media, she showed more emotion today then she's shown during the whole drama. Protesters are having issues, some in support of her, some against her. You have people grandstanding for the cameras. You have attorneys that, imo, aren't out for the family but for themselves *cough cough* (and to that attorney, don't DARE tell the public that we need to "bless these people" even though they might not "pass a personality test from time to time". I'm really going to start thinking that this particular attorney has a Paris Hilton complex aka media hog).

In my opinion, the main problem is that we've lost sight of the most important thing - the child. That child needs to be found, alive or dead. The father can try to cast doubt on how, perhaps, there was "a different dead body" in the car or that it was "rotting pizza", whatever. I get that a parent doesn't want to believe that their child could have killed someone, let alone their grandchild. But what I don't get is why not just tell the truth. It's well beyond the "scared" part.

I think the first bail bondsman had a point - she's been lyin' from the beginning and now everything is starting to catch up with her. Let's just hope that the t's are crossed and the i's are are dotted and all paperwork and procedures are in order. If not, that gal is gonna be throwing holes into the whole case if the State Attorney is not careful.

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