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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Guilty of Idiocy: Progress Energy...

Progress Energy, we need to talk.

I've been your biggest defender since I moved to Central Florida 6 years ago. I was happy to hear that you would be my electric company when I moved to Altamonte because, well, we had a great relationship. You were the first to respond during a hurricane, we rarely had any power outages, your customer service didn't suck and we got along. I didn't even gripe (that much) about you raising the prices on my bill during the "energy crisis" because I knew everything was raising.

However, my alarms went off due to the fact that when the gas prices went down, my electric bill didn't. And, for a single girl living in Altamonte, I shouldn't be paying $200 a month in electricity. Thankfully, with the AC off, it's now down to $100 but still, with AC at the most it should have been was $150 for a 932 sq. ft. apartment.

Then I heard about THIS. Seriously, what in the blankity blank blank do you think I'm going to say. I have no choice but to USE you so I technically can't tell you to kiss it and break up with you via a post it note but seriously, a 25% RATE HIKE? ARE YOU FLIPPIN' CRAZY?

I have to really think twice about our relationship. Quite frankly, when your quasi new CEO is pulling down a salary and bonus that is quite sizable and you had a year last year that might have been the Best. Year. Ever. in terms of revenue (and, one could assume that it might give the execs either a really nice bonus or factor in future salary negotiations), I question the motives of the "rate hike" and the blah blah blah that your media person is spilling to the papers and such. I know people need to turn a profit but when does it go from profit to straight up greed?

Progress Energy - you are hereby on notice. I'm not drinkin' the kool-aid you are providing. Trust me on that. And, after my lease is up and I move, the energy company I have to deal with will be a huge factor in my decision because, quite frankly, I'm ready to tell you to bite. me.

We're already feeling the wallet pinch due to the costs of living in the Land of the Rat aka Orlando - namely low low low salaries and high high high cost of living. Please don't add to the financial strain that Central Floridians are dealing with by yet another "rate hike" and "economy" bull.

I just don't buy it anymore.

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