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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Everyone's Talking About Resolutions...

Y'all know the drill - everyone makes resolutions which, in my opinion, is giving themselves an easy out if they don't make it. For example, I could say that I resolve to cut back on my Starbucks runs. Ummm.. I tried that and it doesn't work. It's like when as a kid I would resolve to give up chocolate for Lent. That just never played out.

Instead, Single Ma over at Fabulous Financials talked about "Life Goals" and that is a way of thinking that I wholeheartedly support. I could say I resolve to "get out of debt" but I know that I might just shrug it off at the first sign of a sassy pair of shoes. However, I have a HUGE Life Goal this year that makes me think twice before I go shopping. Plus, with the state of the economy, I want to really build up that E-Fund because I've made a goal to buy my own place by 2010. (Plus - an apartment with these two monsters = chaos. Trust!)

I've also been inspired by various bloggers who have really taken the bull by the horns and either transitioned their blogs to WordPress (Blogger - I *heart* you but Cooking In Stilettos needs a new design and platform) so I've made a Life Goal to actually LEARN my HTML and programming, etc. I learned so much already from some fab bloggers like Hotfessional, Fabulously Broke, Single Ma, Erin Cooks!, The Chic Life, The Leftover Queen, and Chef B, etc. where I'm inspired to just go forth and blog. However, I'm NOT going to blog with BLOG365 HANGING OVER MY HEAD!! That about drove me nuts. Plus, a few months ago, I had dinner with some amazing food bloggers that has really made me reflect on how to make Cooking In Stilettos better...

Another life goal is to really get into the kitchen and play more. I'm working like crazy at the 9to5 where I finally realized that if I continued at this pace, my life is going to pass me by. So I'm learning to take some time for myself. The only time I really don't let my mind race to work issues is when I'm chopping my little heart out in the kitchen. However, the pug will be playing personal trainer to help me work off all that cooking goodness.

I've also made it a goal this year to work on revamping the PR side of things and my writing. Thanks to circumstances that crossed my path earlier in 2008, I've learned I am damn good at doing Culinary PR so while the entertainment industry works itself out with all their recession drama (too many buddies of mine have been laid off), I'm going to learn all I can about the culinary side of things.

Finally, and this is a goal that might be contrary to some of the stuff above, I've resolved to buy my first pair of Loubous (with cash - not plastic!) Now, if that means scouring the outlets, the Internets etc. for the best deal - I'm game. However, I'm also making it a goal to pare down the closet, getting rid of stuff that I don't absolutely love and wear on the regular and the main shoes I find myself wearing are those that are well made. I have a number of pairs of shoes that I rarely, if ever, wear. So EBay and I will be BFFs for a while. Apparently, the Loubou desire has also infected Meowmix because on NYE she sent me a pair of shoes that she fell for and, lo and behold, they were red-sole lovelies. These are the ones I currently have my eye on.

Not a bad Life Goal list to work on in 2009... What do you have on the agenda for 2009?

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