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Round 4: Garfield v. Odie: Game On...

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Round 4: Garfield v. Odie: Game On...

We have a feeding issue with Wiggs, namely, he's the world's pickiest pug. So much like Shadow, he likes wet food but CERTAIN wet foods and dry kibble, he's just not happy with what I've gotten him. I got the one prescribed by his foster Mom and he refused to eat it. I got another one that I thought was good from reading the ingredients - hell no he won't touch it. Finally, I expressed my concerns to the manager at Petco and he tells me "Try XYZ brand - ALL dogs like XYZ brand." Mind you this is the third $14 bag of food I've bought IN A WEEK! Let's not get into his rustling in the pantry and breaking out the chocolate chip cookies that greeted me last night when I got home from work.

Anywho, he has shown that he likes one type of food most of all - that being Shadow's cat food. Occasionally, I get her what is called "Special Dinner" which is her favorite Tuna and Mussels dish from a brand called Sheba. Most of the time she likes Whiskas but when she gets the Sheba, it's because she's being extra good. Last night, I happened to see a couple cans at Petco and picked them up for her, one of which she got last night.

Last night, she scarfed down 1/2 a can and left the other 1/2 for later to "snack on." When I walked into the "luxury suite" aka Bathroom, I saw it and put it up on the tub where I know SHE could get it but he couldn't. Well, leave it to the smart pug because I hear him shuffling around in the bathroom 10 minutes later only to see him trotting out WITH HER SPECIAL DINNER in his mouth. I knew all hell was going to break out then and there, but thought "Nahhhh... she might have been done already. Hopefully she doesn't know".

Wiggs and I went to sleep and my bed is so high that he needs help to get ON the bed and he doesn't get off the bed until his morning walk. If he did jump off, he'd have a hard time getting back on the bed so I'd know if he got into trouble.

When I got up this morning for his walk, he stuck his nose in her litterbox only to get scolded and out the door we went. When I got back, I had noticed that my laundry that was separated and on the floor to go into the washer was rustled and didn't look right. Sure enough, something was wrong, namely someone christened a pair of jeans. And I knew it couldn't have been the pug because he was in my line of sight every second since the night before except, of course, when we were both sleeping. If he did get off the bed, he couldn't have been back up on the bed when I woke up at 5 to see him snoring away.

So, by process of elimination, I was able to deduce that the guilty culprit had to have been Shadow hoping that he'd get blamed for the mess. However, since I didn't CATCH her in the act, I can only say that "allegedly" she was getting her revenge.

Needless to say, apparently it's game on between these two.

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