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Just Because...

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Glass Half Empty or Glass Half Full...

That's the choice I make on the daily. No matter HOW crazy life can be, I am trying so hard to stick with the eternal optimist point of view...

This morning, as I'm headed out to work, I am driving down the aisle past the new apartment building when I hear *Bam*. Wait - that's not part of the Fergie song, I think and realize that one of my new neighbors wasn't paying attention and backed up into the back end of my car with her jeep. Granted it was the tire that did the damage to my little Cougar but I'm thinking "WTF" and pulled over to a parking space for the Come to Jesus session.

The "WTF" thought immediately turned to "GRRRRR" which then progressed to the thought of "Oh it's ON now - what the hell - was she NOT paying attention and realizing that there were cars behind her?" Then I met her and saw how shaken up she was and I couldn't be a wench - I just couldn't.

I called the PD and, after assessing the information (no one hurt, she had little to no damage - my Cougar took the beating from that daggone Jeep tire), we agreed to exchange info, fill out the forms at the PD if necessary, and move from there. I took pictures of my car, the offending tire, wrote down the license plate etc. and flipped into Legally Blond mode.

After a quick chat with my lovely insurance company (USAA - LOVE THEM!), I have a plan in place, a coffee in hand and we'll take it one step at a time. I am looking at the accident this way - it could have been much worse. Sure, she's a bit shaken up but she'll look twice before backing up now, I think. What a way to meet your neighbors, huh?

It also comes to mind that the saying "accidents happen close to home" is indeed true. However, in my case, it was just a stone's throw from my own apartment.



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