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Friday, February 20, 2009

Sometimes You Just Have To Smile...

Yup, I'm still in a foul mood - beyond foul as part of my weekend will not be resting in Miami - just a quick trip to South Beach Sunday a.m. to catch the Food Network Demos of Sunny Anderson, Michael Symon and, perhaps, Tyler Florence at SOBE and get a glance at the tents and exhibitors. Then it's 4 hours back on the road to come back here because, well, life just has this way of getting in the way of fun, ya know.

However, one thing made me grin today - namely checking out this feature that ran this week on my boy Ren in the Philly Inquirer.
Ren was one of the guys who kept us in line on the set. He's an amazing choreographer, savvy businessman and a fabulous person. I know I've talked about him here from time to time because, when I'm home in Philly, fate just has a way of crossing our paths - once when we were just at dinner with CK and Jas and another time as I was just heading to the Italian Market and he just happened to walk in front of my car. So to see this when I'm internally cursing out every. single. person just made me sit back, smile and remember that regardless of the drama, chaos and b.s. I face on the regular, I'm blessed.

If you can, check out the article.

Finally, for another dose of grin: one of my fave photos from the day where Reese, the Boyz and Ren all converged on the same spot with no planning - serendipitous indeed.

L. to R.: CK, Gigi, Ren, OurBuddy and Jas

It's days like this I have to remember how much I miss my crew...

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