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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blogging From 30,000 Feet....

Did you know that AirTran has wireless on their flights?  I just recently learned that and, sure enough, my flight this morning to Philly is GoGo enabled.  Yay!  The one bright spot because, as to be expected, it was a comedy of errors starting with my lack of "get up and go" last night after dropping Wiggs off at his Daycare for his "vacation".  I didn't rest last night because, well, with an early morning flight, I need to not oversleep.  As I had to work yesterday, things just totally fell behind.  So I cleaned my house, did laundry, worked on my closet - the stuff I can't do without Wiggs chasin' after me every 5 min.  I even had to put together a new automatic waterer for the cat so it was busy but not super crazed.  I didn't even pack until 4:30/5 this morning.  I figured, eeeh - casual at best.  However, yes, I did pack the Loubous in case I want to whap Rifleman or Ant upside the head.  I figure the red sole should conceal any spatter, right? (I'm kidding - well, at least with Ant.  *seriously praying that Rifleman lost the blog link*).  It's been one of those months.

Then, this morning my attitude got riled up because my stupid credit card decided to "unilaterally shut down accounts" and give us new accounts.  They say its "Bank prerogative", I think someone got hacked or had a security risk.  Either way, the fact remains that I was not privy to this.  Even worse is that I do not have my "new" card yet and guess what card is securing my car rental at Hertz.  Yup - the old one that they decided was not active.  Ugh.  So, I sat on the phone screaming at Ben and Colin in India - two absolute imbeciles who didn't understand the phrase "Don't you DARE touch my account!" and the language barrier with both of the idiots was beyond evident.  (Tribute - you get a big fat fail and, trust me when I say that you and I will have a come to Jesus meeting and you will hate me after it - of that I'm sure).  In this economy, credit cards are having issues, sure, but for me, a fab customer, a little courtesy is seriously in order.  Again - Tribute - FAIL!

Then I get to the airport annoyed as all hell to find out that my flight was delayed by 30 min.  Finally - I caught a break and went to Starbucks to chill out for a hot second, call Hertz in Philly and find out how we were going to fix this mess (they had me log onto my account at the airport and change out my cards.  Tribute - you SUCK!  Oh - and for that you owe me $5.00).  So, I figured, eeeh - I'm delayed - I got time.  Well, I didn't have time because AirTran decided that we were, indeed, going to depart at 8:46.  Oy to the vey.  Armed with my Starbucks, I jumped on the plane and *boom* AirTran has wireless Internet.  It is, however, too early to get a free cocktail.  Perhaps on the ride home.

So, when I land I plan on doing not too much this afternoon.  I have to stop by B. and Rifleman's joint to pick up tix to the RedSox/Phillies matchup for Sunday (Thanks Mel!), head to the hotel, mosey around Cherry Hill for a bit and then it's the Randori show.  Tomorrow, my dad heads into Philly and we have some family stuff to attend to and he gets to see my fave city.  It's changed a bit since my days in High School.  There is so much to do and not enough time in the day - so as if I don't blog sporadically enough, y'all now know that I might or might not blog while running around Philly.  It all depends on time.  I'll be back on Monday, pick up Wiggs on Tuesday and then life is back to quasi normal - at least until August.

Other than that, what do you have planned for this weekend? 

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