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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Patient Update...

Last week was CHAOS with a capital "C". After I posted about Wiggy and his diagnosis of kennel cough, he took a turn for the worse. Last week we had heatwaves that were crazy hot and the ac in the apartment was, again, on the fritz.

Wiggles started panting like crazy, wheezing and getting himself all worked up (dude - STOP chasing the cat!) and I tried to keep him calm, cooling him down with icy cold towels and ice cubes. About 1 in the morning he just collapsed, couldn't walk and I called the ER to see what their thoughts were. They told me to bring him in ASAP and, sure enough, he had heat exhaustion with the kennel cough. Thankfully they kept me calm because I kept feeling like I failed Wiggy somehow - one shot of steroids later to reduce the swelling in his throat (and over $160), they fixed him up and we were headed home. We won't talk about the buggy fight I had the in car (again - they attack) and I thought all was well with him laying in front of the fan resting. They assured me that the shot would take care of him for the night and knock him out. However, an hour later, he was back to the heavy panting and crawling into the kitchen to lay next to his water dish and fridge. By this time it was already 5 am.

I called his vet the minute they opened and they took him in first thing as I waged battle with the apartment complex to fix the AC yet again. Turns out the compressor unit had a huge leak so the house has been comfortably 65-70 all week. The head maintenance guy took care of it personally and for that I'm grateful. The vet called me at the end of the day to check to see if the AC was fixed as they couldn't release him to me unless it was. Thankfully it was all fixed (and, funny side note - I learned to open and close the air vents - I have 12 ft. ceilings - I didn't know that they were quasi closed. Thanks to SL, those vents are open more than a Dennys).

Wiggy has been working on getting better all week - he's still weak at times, still chasing the cat but he is getting better by the day. I've been keeping an eye on him all week. Even Shadow has been worried checking on him.

I'm happy to say that his personality has returned and, yes, school can't come quick enough. Last night he stared me down and let one go on the rug because I didn't take him out with SL and I when we went to Friendlys. Somehow I just need to remember that I almost lost him and be thankful that he's got a little feistiness in him - even if he does continue to chase Shadow only to give her kisses.

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