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Monday, June 15, 2009

Forgive Me Internets For I Have Sinned...

It's been days since my last blog post.

So, yeah, you all are sick of hearing me say "Life is getting in the way" but, quite frankly, I'm going to keep saying it.  Lots of fodder over the weekend jaunt to Philadelphia but I really don't know where to begin.  So, since I have the day off to pick up Mr.Wiggles from his extended posh puggy vacay, I will have to upload photos with the appropriate snarky remark and hope that it translates.

Also, I have to say this to the Boston fans in the back of the house - send me to a Phillies game to cheer on my team and my team will spank the Red Sox every.time.  So now I have a new tradition - that being to watch my team in person beat my family and friends' favorite team into the ground.  Yeah I know - tres thrilling.  See, haven't you missed me?

Also, I have so much thinking to do after this trip - opportunity is just around the corner - it's a question of wrapping my head around the ideas and running with it - not just pulling my standard m.o. - that being ostrich + head + sand = Lys' usual way of dealing with crap.

Thankfully, SL took care of little Ms. Shadow but I think she'll be happy to hear her momma come home - at least for a day.  The Pug - that sucker better sing for me when he sees me.  I missed the two furballs.  I even called his little "daycare" spot to see if he's been behaving.  They told me he's been an angel - I think they are lying.  This dog kicked sand all over a blind girl doggie during his last stay - angel my butt.  This is Wiggs we're talking about.  He and I have had such a rough go of it lately where I was doubting my patience level or if he even cares to stay with me or move onto a new home.  He tends to last a few months and then get rambunctious and he's been misbehaving so much lately that I feel like he's a two year old and needs constant attention.  Perhaps its due to his history - or not.  Either way, he needs to learn "quiet/peace/calm the *@*!!* down"  As I told Rifleman, giving him up is not an option - he's with me for a good 10 years or so and somehow Wiggs and I have to pull a Tim Gunn and "Make It Work". 

Here's a story for you - Shadow's been getting him worked up.  He sees her and he wants to chase. When he's calm, he doesn't chase.  Well, her way of getting him in trouble - appearing the doorway of the bedroom, making noise, staring him down as he's laying on the bed and *boom* he's off and running. Often this happens at 3/4 in the morning necessitating me to get up and go get him and put him back on the bed only for her to wait 30 min. and do it again.  He also runs around the bed like "Momma get up!  Shadow play!" and one morning it was so hot, he got so excited and he threw up ON MY FACE!

No, you read that right - my face, my pillow - everything.  He just let one loose - Exorcist style.  Who was the culprit - the cat for getting him worked up and him for downing vats of water.  So I hope she finds a way to live with him because me and my pillow were at wits end.

Also, before I left I had to get a new water dish - in Florida, <del> Oversize Cockroaches</del> <del> palmettos </del> waterbugs *snort*  tend to love the dishes and I found 4 of those suckers in the internal housing of the animals $70 platinum fountain having a party on the carbon filter.  That fountain went in the trash so quickly I was done.  My dad wanted to know if I could salvage - no, I'm sorry - I'm not going to have my animals drinking out of a porous plastic "fountain" that has been doused in bleach.  So I went off to PetSmart before I left to pick up some "Vegas" style fountain for the cat - and let me tell you that putting it together almost killed me. You need a master's degree to put that crap together.   For the price I paid, not only should it have been pre-assembled, but also should have come with a cocktail (or three) Couple that with no sleep and I was one cranky ***** on the flight down.  Now that I'm heading  back to Orlando, I'm quasi-relaxed and ready for the week ahead.

Well, at least after I finish this Baileys - I clearly didn't drink enough on this trip.

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