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Monday, October 22, 2007

I Feel Like a Teenager Right Now...

My parents will tell you that when it comes to music, and artists I like, admire, etc., if presented with the opportunity, I will wind up meeting some of them. This was never more evident than at the age of 4, I went tearing backstage to meet Tony Orlando & Dawn. I personally don't remember that, but my dad often says that is when they knew somehow I was going to work in entertainment.

When I was 12, I wound up meeting a huge (for me anywayz) 80s pop group *cough cough* [can't reveal the name but their hit song had "CRUSH" in the title] *cough cough* and wound up carrying on a friendship that lasts to this day. When I worked with the Junior Achievement newspaper in my area, I had the entertainment beat and I was lucky to score some great interviews which included Expose, LL Cool J (my mom actually reprimanded him out for using the name LL when he called the house), and an invitation to attend a national dance show to interview some dancers on that show (I can say it AIN'T American Bandstand or Soul Train) which led to many more opportunities and the amount of people we met at the show was huge. Plus, at the show is where I learned PR and found my passion. Plus, I've met many freestyle/dance artists and worked with some great ones, so I know I'm very blessed. Thankfully, I am not very starstruck when I meet people. I've rarely been rendered speechless unless when I met Sully from Godsmack (he's very intimidating in person - at least to me) or Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis (I couldn't speak to them - they are legends, but I poked Reese & MB going "OMG!"). I've seen the good and bad side of entertainment, but hey, entertainment pr is my passion.

Ok - so back to the title explanation. Last night, I sent an email to Orfeh, the singer who plays Paulette from Legally Blonde: The Musical, congratulating her on her success on Broadway and told her that Or-N-More was one of my favorite groups from back in the day. Now here's the kicker, shocker of shockers, she wrote me back - not her people, not her web mistress - her. Moi - rendered speechless. And she's genuinely nice.

I feel like I'm 12 again.

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