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Thursday, November 01, 2007

She is NOT Amused...

Shadow was told she had to wear a costume to greet the Trick-Or-Treaters. We have two times a year where she's festive - and we pay dearly every time. Halloween is costume time and Christmas means Santa Visit. So, this should be NO surprise to her. While we had NO Trick-Or-Treaters - NONE - NADA - ZILCH last night (more than likely because Uptown Altamonte had a safe Halloween soiree for the kiddies at Crane's Roost Park), Shadow still had to wear the costume for a photo. I did not get to the paw cuffs because she wasn't having that mess at all (and her nails are sharp as razors right now). However, I did con her into wearing the bat hat - but her vanity took the best of her.

She refused to open her eyes for 5 minutes, knowing that a picture was going to be taken and finally, after much cajoling, telling her how pretty she was (she's vain - remember?), and the promises of cookies, she consented to a pic and then that sucker was off and Momma got bit.

So, for your amusement (and mine), here's evidence that Shadow is a little batty. Next year, she'll wear her pearl collar and I'll say she's a society snob. That should work.

I'll be making her pancetta this weekend in penance (and buying extra cookies because she attacked that jar like it was no tomorrow).


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