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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Branded Baby...

I was joking around with some co-workers about my normal refrain as to why I can't go to Salt Lake City. I understand that it's a beautiful state and its not that I don't WANT to visit my friends there, I just can't. My response to every time I'm asked to fly to Utah: "The minute I step out of the airport or in Temple Square, I'll go up in flames".

KimmyK talked about the Scarlet Letter the other day and that, coupled with the above, reminded me of a fight I had with H. back in the day. Let me tell you about H. - imo, that boy is very ummm ... judgmental and very "holier than thou". H., during that fight, decided that I needed to be informed that I was a "Whore." Why, - because I had sex before marriage and, in his eyes, I was painted as quite the harlot. This, of course, was after he called me every curse word in the book and displayed his arrogance, reminding me of how he often acted superior to everyone. Yet I'm the whore and evil. Ummm.. Yeah. Ok buddy - whatevs.

Back to today's shenanigans - during our whole discussion about my reservations about going to Salt Lake, I told my co-workers that it was more than the liquor issue (or lack thereof). It was more than the coffee issue (or lack thereof). Basically, it boiled down to: I can't go because I'm a whore and, by Utah's standards, I'm persona non grata. After the initial shock on their faces, I explained H.'s branding me with the big "W" which, coming from him was laughable as best. Because, if you knew H., you'd know he shouldn't be ever calling ANYONE anything let alone judging them and on a superiority complex.

It was then that no wiser words were spoken. A co-worker reminded me "Well he's an asshole. I'd rather be a whore than an asshole". And the more I thought about that comment, I'm still giggling. Because being a whore is so much more forgivable (and fun) than being a class-a asshat. And H., most definitely, has that scarlet letter to contend with.

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