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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Clearly, I Have No Sense of Restraint...

This past weekend I've been doing something I didn't get to in the weeks preceding and the time during Project Hell. (BTW - there's an offshoot I'll call Project Hell II in the works but eeh - no 70 hour weeks tho). I turned into my weekend hermit self Friday and yesterday, emerging today to finally brave the Millenia and Altamonte malls.

The object of my affection - some bronzy ornaments in Crate & Barrel. However, while I was in C&B, I also decided that I needed to trot to Neimans, Bloomies, Williams Sonoma and Anthropologie. For what: holiday ornaments and cooking goodies. Originally, I was just going to rush into C&B for those bronze ornaments, but then I got waylaid by Bloomies ornaments on sale. I'm a sucker for those lovely little shopping bags with the store and the year on it. In my defense, I did NOT buy the Neimans $175 gemstone cross ornament that had me salivating at hello nor did I purchase the Neimans shopping bag ornament at $35. However, the latter one did not come home with me because I didn't have any cash nor my checkbook on me and y'all know I am not a Neimans cardholder or Amex member.

Then it was off to the Altamonte mall to find a gift for someone (I had a coupon that expired tonight). Upon finding the intended gift, I heard the interesting news that the mall was open til 10 which prompted me to trot around. Then I wound up finding two delish ruby sweaters at Lane Bryant, Betsey Johnson earrings at Macy*s, various magazines at Barnes & Noble and then it was off to Target - for what, you ask? More Teal and Bronzy ornaments. Well, I did find them, but after a stern talk from Reese, I decided to put them back until I get the tree up and then evaluate what I need. I did buy a small box of blue ornaments for the hurricane lamps, garland for the entertainment mantle, beaded garland for the tree and electric candles for the window. My wallet wants to kill me right now. In my defense, I also put back the teal mini tinsel tree that I wanted for the bedroom. I figure if I really want it, I'll get it on Friday for my "shoe tree" aka the tree with the fun ornaments like shoes, martini glasses, bags, purses and whatnot. For now I need to see what I have on hand.

Here are the earrings and turtleneck keyhole sweater to go with. Aren't they to die for? Love them! If you think this is cute, you should see the shoes that I have to go with the outfit for tomorrow which was recently unearthed in my closet. Red 4" stilettos with bows on the back of the heel. Gotta love the holidays. Fabu reason to wear ruby red.

In other news, my artificial Christmas tree is still in the back seat of my car. Reason being that for the past 2 weeks, I have to park so damn far away from the apartment lately. (These new apartment people and their overnight guests - what. the. hell!) Not wanting to pop my shoulder out and the fact that my little wheelie cart is in my cubicle attached to a stack of boxes that I have to go through tomorrow and unpack before I can bring wheelie cart back home means that the tree will stay in there one more day. But that's okay because I cleaned and got the house ready for the comedy that will be known as tree assembly. I predict that it will go something like this:

I'm sure that once I evaluate the ornaments I have vs. the ones I just bought, I will more than likely figure out what needs to be returned. For now, I'll just sob silently and know I will have one heck of a decorated abode.

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