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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Apartment Complex Has Gone MAD...

Last month, I got a letter reminding me that it's "Lease Renewal Time." (Insert smiley face after signature) Basically, if I use the "Early Bird Special" (their words not mine) and renewed my lease super early, I could save a nice chunk of change.

If you remember, I moved here in February 2007 (how time flies), and my lease is up January 31, 2008. Let me preface that with saying that the new management of the apartment complex is really upgrading this place and investing alot of money into the complex after the fire. We've got new breezeways, new parking lot, lots of improvements, clearer signage (you know, in case Pizza hut can't find the right building number), new security gates, etc. We've had quitea few bumps in the road, but it's an adjustment - kinda like when you get a new teacher in grade school mid-term or a new boss. You learn to work with each other, but there will be conflict. Now, things are better. I don't yell get cranky with the office every time I have to deal with them. I've made a conscious effort to give them a chance. Hell, I'm even nice and wave to the maintenance crew every morning. Keep in mind that while to those I'm friendly with, I'm more standoffish with people I don't know (some say I just look mean or crotchety). All in all, it's been an adjustment but we're at the stage where we are learning to play nice in the sandbox.

This gal at the office, M., has been amazing. She's the one who helped me get my lovely abode and took pity on approved me to move in. She sent me the letter and I see that if I renew by December 15th, I can get over $100 a month knocked off my rent. Because, yes, you know they are raising my rent to $1075 if I don't get off my ass and renew by December 15th. That's a pair of shoes, people. SHOES! And you know that your gal loves her some shoes. So to dip into my shoe allowance and I'd be spending an extra $1200+ a year for being lazy procrastinating. I. Think. Not. Bring on the new rent amount of $965. (I pay $955 now). Not to mention I now have to pay separately for water, sewer and trash. $37.50 in addition to the rent. And there's no meters so the crew packed into the one bedroom apartment below me will be paying the same. One bedrooms pay $37.50. Somehow I'd like to protest more but that's a losing battle. So, water for everyone! It's only fair that I use what I pay for, right?

M. assigned one of her worker bees on THURSDAY to draw up my lease and, as of Tuesday, I still did not get the lease to review. Because, you know I need to use my pre-law degree somehow and actually READ the lease. My lease last year was 2 pages, pretty much standard. In addition, there were a few addendums like Satellite TV, the Pet Addendum, the Rental Insurance you are responsible, the complex is not - even for an act of God addendum, etc. That was last year's packet.

Well, since time is a-tickin', I called M. for a little assistance and told her I needed the lease ASAP. M. saw that her worker bee didn't get the work done (surprise surprise - it's the one I always curse out in my head for being stupid) and M. stayed late, drafted my lease and left it for me to pick up yesterday.

No joke - this Apartment Lease Contract is fuggin' 25 pages long. Yes, you read that right - 25 pages of small print, like 9 pt. font. Basically I need a magnifying glass to read it. Here's a picture for you - I'm sitting at my desk, reading my working copy, highlighter in hand, with my nose basically on top of the paper. That's how bad it was. It's all standard stuff (read: cover their azz language) interspersed with various legal jargon, however they aren't slick. They attempted to pull few fast balls - which, of course, I caught.

Thank god I did reserve the right to review because last night the manager told me "Lys, you know you can just sign it now" like I wouldn't read it or anything. Ummm.. hello. Do you see "STUPID" in flashing neon lights on my forehead? I know I'm blond but geeze!! I'm not THAT much of an airhead. I was polite, laughed it off and said "[Manager], you're kidding, right? You know where I work. The attorneys are going to want to see this book now that it's an 'Apartment Association'."

M. and I need to have a "Come to Jesus" meeting re: a couple clauses and then I'll sign off on it. (Hello - they better not try PET RENT?? Shadow needs a job!) But seriously - I'm going to need a cocktail after this. Now I remember why I don't like real estate law. It makes my brain hurt!

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