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Monday, January 14, 2008

Can One Custom Order A Bubble Suit...

This weekend, I'm watching Joel Osteen (because that's as close as I get to a church, y'all - still have issues) and he makes mention of something that I've been thinking about: "Stress can be a factor in about 90% of illnesses" (or something along those lines but you get the gist of it) I sat there nodding my head and almost saying out loud "AMEN!"

Now it's no secret that I'm a stress monster - I'm forever on the go, go, go with little time to relax and recharge. I seriously think that some of my aches and pains are increased by stress. I've had this problem since I was younger and I really am starting to feel it as I grow older (like in my shoulder - my handbag is NOT that heavy and one bra strap is NOT heavier than the other). However, there's stress not only at work but at home - bills, chasing the cat from puking on my carpet, chores, noisy azz neighbors playing videogames at 4 a.m. everyfreakinnightandtheysleepduringtheday-fuggin' vampires, etc., with friends (wtf is xyz doing AGAIN - ugh) and with family ('nuff said). I seriously don't have time for drama - no. time. Not. One. Second. Then I hear that the copper pots I covet could cause cancer. OH hell no. Stress can cause cancer - don't tell me that copper pots that cost me more than my choos cause cancer. I'm not having that mess.

So when Joel said that and then went onto talking about phasing out the toxic in one's life, I pretty much was in agreement. For the last couple of years, I've been weeding out the toxic and I just don't want to deal. I've been finding myself getting stressed out at the 9to5 from this and that and he and she and it and really, I can't be dealin' with that anymore. I need to just start cutting people off at the knees - just with a little tact. I'm also finding that I'm taking my workload home with me as I'm starting to wake up in the middle of the night again with "OMG DID I PUT A COMMA IN THAT SENTENCE" crap and enough!

I just wish I had a mute button - because really, if I could mute some things around me I'd be less stressed. Think John Travolta would mind if I borrowed his bubble suit idea? I'd have to make it soundproof though. And with a martini bar.

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