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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away...

It's been torrential downpours since last night off and on. We're talking one minute it's coming down harder than hell and the next - clear as day. And over, and over, and over. I shouldn't whine because, seriously, we need the rain but I had a whole list of stuff to do today and getting soaked was NOT on the agenda. See - with this sassy new haircut, your gal must straighten the strands - at the inkling of rain - it gets curly/wavy/straight all at once - wonky! You'll laugh at this - I woke up this morning and almost screamed when I saw myself in the mirror - I had forgotten that I had sliced off my hair. Well, I can tell you bedhead is NOT a good look for me with sassy short hair. Not. At. All.

So back to the rain - I don't care what they say about umbrellas - while they may work for a little while, anything I have to hold up with deliberate precision to make sure I DON'T get wet will ensure my shoulder to ache (or was that because of the onslaught of rain... hmmmmm). And umbrellas also don't create a 360 bubble - you will get wet somewhere. I must maintain my fabulousity!

So - I'm hoping it dies down a bit because I got those Mary Jane Spectator pumps in and, while they are gorgeous and all, they are a size and a half too small (10 my butt - more like an 8.5/9) and I strongly believe that feet should not look like snausages in shoes. They make my Michael Kors torture pumps feel like slippers. I need to go to Urban Outfitters at the Millenia Mall and return them because that's money that can be better served in something like, oh, I don't know - my savings account?

I also was going to attempt to go to IKEA today to get some shoeboxes so I can start my closet organizing project tomorrow. I want to do all front loading shoe boxes that way it looks uniform in my closet. Right now it's a mishmash and I'd take a picture but I'm ashamed. I'm a fashionista who needs a fabulous closet. Rummaging around looking for this and that and having shoe boxes break on me or be oddsized and throw off my shoe towers is NOT an option.

I'm also hoping to take down the tree tonight as Jan. 6th (Little Christmas) has passed. Due to the rain, I have to leave the outside lights up for one more day to dry out so I can remove those tomorrow. The cat will be annoyed because she loves the tree - she's been taking down the bottom ornaments and it's been her hockey playground for the past month or so.

So yeah - if the rain slows down/stops I'll be wandering outside. If not, then I'll be working on the tree and postponing any outside excursions until after work during the week. Good thing is with the rain coming down so hard, the TiVo & DirectTV isn't doing so well which means I have to clean off the TiVo.

Or, perhaps I'll just attempt to NOT melt and brave the outdoors. Crap - my umbrella is in the car. Yeah, I'm housebound today people...

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