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Thursday, January 31, 2008

iTunes, I Heart You...

One of the sad casualties of Lys' Laptop Crash of 2008 was the fact that my iTunes library was gone - finito - kaput. A pretty cool perk is that I get songs and DJ mixes sent to me pretty regularly. Plus, I had songs that I transferred from mix cds that DJs would send me, ancient 80s tracks that my friends would forward or I would locate in one of my many boxes of CDS, various videos that I adored, etc. (Hello - George Lamond for one!) That, outside of my emails and my PR portfolio, was a major heartbreak for me this week.

I was talking with my Divas on email about my situation and one of them remarked that when her laptop caught a virus, she lost everything. Her son, good egg that he is (her son is seriously going to be an IT genius one day) sent an email to Apple explaining the situation and when Mari turned on her iTunes the next day her library just downloaded.

***Lightbulb Moment***

"Hello iTunes people - please help the distressed blond". (No, I'm not above poking fun at the blond stereotype when it comes to something stupid that I have personally done ala leaving the gas cover open, the gas cover off, forgetting to turn off the AC in the winter, etc. etc. etc.) I emailed iTunes last night with word of my plight and my dingbatty-ness and they responded in a flash. Help was on the way - some vital info and *boom*, I open the iTunes on the new 'puter tonight and there's 2033 files for me to download. 2033 ?!?!?!?!?!? That's a lot of books, music, videos, etc. Hot damn.

And, not only that, but the fabulous people at iTunes also apologized for not having EVERYTHING that was in my library as some stuff was no longer on iTunes. I appreciate them wanting to replace everything but some of that stuff in my library was from my CDs (a good 40%). Still - they apologized - and it was my blond brain that got me into this mess in the first place. (Never run clean computer and Norton at the same time (or overlap the programs). One caveat - I can only pull this shenanigan once. I need to learn to backup like a good little do-bee. You don't have to tell me twice. Trust me, lesson learned.

Now this is part of the reason I patronize iTunes over other music download services. Every time I need to talk to customer service, they are impeccable. The music is top notch and I even get cash back for it.

iTunes, I *heart* you. You not only saved my musical world, but my wallet too!

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